Hawaii WildSide is an exciting adventure TV series highlighting true animal/ human dramas in the fascinating and beautiful Hawaiian islands. For centuries humans and animals have co-existed in this breath-taking tropical paradise. For the most part this has been a peaceful co-existing system … but every system has its breakdowns! Dr West investigates these intriguing encounters with wild animals, in a “Hawaiian style wildlife CSI”.

Dr. Andrew West was born Australian and raised in Hawaii. He himself is a paradox, with a PhD in Environmental Science and Marine biology, preserving life is paramount. He is also an accomplished hunter but taking an animal with bow or rifle is always his last option. For this purpose Andrew brings in his friend a professional hunting guide, Jeff (Gunny) Guilloiz, a retired Marine Gunnery sergeant with four tours of duty under his belt.

From beautiful encounters with dolphins to heart stopping swims with tiger sharks, from exciting wild bulls to huge boars. Hawaii WildSide will keep you entertained and captivated.

Contact Dr. West: andrew.ecolab@gmail.com